Marcia Hesselgrave

Why do I want to help people? Because….

I spent hours exploring museums, libraries, and the arts—dance, music, painting and drawing–in early childhood. The sights,  sounds, smell and feel of the University Circle area became my world. 

What excitement!

Interacting with people from a variety of cultures; peace, love and harmony abound. 

Life was enchanting and irresistible. 

I was spellbound by humanity, men with long hair and beards, people in robes, women with big hair, musical instruments, and more.  These encounters led to questions of who? What? When? Where? And how are people functioning? 

The concepts of assimilation, integration, and communication  emerged.


I embarked on a mission of searching for the meaning of life; my purpose, identity, and strengths.


High school years in Young Life, Outward Bound, and subsequent years in martial arts training, ballet, and modern dance…formed my global perspective.


My studies at The Ohio State University included sociology, psychology, criminology, cultural anthropology, philosophy, and mental health. I engaged with a variety of populations in those areas of study. 


I found myself especially drawn to the study of mental health.


I volunteered at the Cleveland Psychiatric Institute and The Jones Home for Children, and worked in skilled nursing facilities during those college years.

I realized that the depth and pain of adversity facing children and adults—could be released, relieved, and health restored.


I was invited to join a small group practice upon graduation and began my life as a Clinical Social Worker providing outpatient mental health services to adolescents and adults.

I have been self-employed for several years, enjoying every minute of anticipating who walks through that closed door–women in transition, youth in crisis,  men in midlife, persons with emotional displacements, and much more.

I believe in cultural humility. I stand by being teachable.

Unhappy in your own skin? Do try therapy. Find yourself, your purpose, and your worth.

You are never alone.


Would you like help reducing work-related stress, breaking free from dysfunctional family dynamics,  healing from trauma, and mood disorders, improving relationships, and improving life balance?


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